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SRP Supplies Order Form

To request supplies for your printer or MFP, please fill out the form below and a FlexPrint customer care representative will be with you right away.


  • Starting December 9, 2013, FlexPrint will be providing weekly pick-ups (either Wednesday or Friday) for all used ink/toner cartridges that are sent to 27ST Mail Services for recycling by SRP employees. Mail Services has identified a storage space to temporarily place these items until FlexPrint arrives for the weekly pick-up.
  • SRP will stop processing and shipping ALL ink cartridges received.
  • Every now-and-then (i.e. roughly 10% of used cartridges sent to 27ST for recycling), Mail Services receive cartridges in boxes that come “ready-for-mailing” – with the UPS label already filled-out and attached to the box by an SRP employee.  In this case, Mail Services will simply place this box in the designated area for UPS outbound pick-up.